Tv Portal Apk Download For Android (Latest version)

Are you interested in taking your TV in your pocket? Are you looking for an app which enables you to watch thousands of episodes from hundreds of TV programs, movies, sports and much more easily on your smartphone? Then, TV Portal APK is one of the finest apps which you can download on your smartphone.

TV portal is one of the most popular TV accessing apps where you can easily search through a large number of shows and gain access to various external links as well. In other words, we can also say that; you now don’t need to have some another application installed on your device for playing videos. Another best thing about TV Portal is that it is free to use on; you only had to pay for the upgrading of this app to its ad-free premium version.

Moreover, you can also go for sharing your movie or TV episode with your friends by sending the relative link on any social media platform. The TV Portal APK is perfectly designed and developed to be used on different android versions i.e. you can use it on your tablets, as well as smartphones

TV Portal Apk v6.01 Download For Android – Latest Version

Tv Portal Apk

Tv Portal Apk

Features of TV Portal APK

  • TV Portal is one of the best apps where you can enjoy your shows on a larger screen. You can easily get access to this app on your smartphone, tablet, and PC as well.
  • TV Portal APK includes a huge library where you can enjoy thousands of TV shows, movies, videos and much more.
  • It offers you a buffer free access and hence a better performance.
  • It also enables you to share your videos and TV shows with your family and friends through the link provided.
  • It is an absolutely free app where you don’t need to pay anything for getting it on your device.
  • You can also upgrade the app to the premium version to enjoy ad-free access if needed.
  • It also offers various proxies as well to use with it.

How to install TV Portal on Android Phone?

TV Portal APK is a third-party application to your Android handset; so before undergoing the downloading and installation process; you first need to allow installation from Unknown Sources so as to get seamless access to the app.

  1. Go to the Settings option of your smartphone followed by Security and then click on the option of Unknown sources for enabling successful installation from the third party sources.
  2. Once you have done with it; now open your web browser and search for the option of TV Portal APK in the search bar.
  3. Select the latest and advanced version of TV Portal APK from the provided list and then click on the Download option to get it on your device.
  4. On the successful completion of the downloading process; tap on the file from the notification or you can also get from the download section of your File Manager.
  5. Once found this file; click on the install option to start the installation process.
  6. The installation process will take a few seconds to get completed. Once it’s done; you can easily enjoy accessing the app from the related app icon available on your home screen.

How to Install Tv Portal on Windows PC?

Enjoy accessing wonderful TV portal app on your Windows PC with the help of TV Portal APK. You can install TV Portal APK on your Windows PC without facing any problem provided an android emulator on it. We prefer here to use Bluestack which is one of the most popular and tested android emulators.

  1. Download and install Bluestacks emulator on your device.
  2. On the successful completion of the installation of the android emulator on your device; search for the TV Portal APK in the search bar and then choose the latest and advanced version of the same.
  3. Once found; click on the install option for starting the installation process.
  4. Wait for few seconds for the completion of the Installation process.
  5. Once it’s done now click on the Finish option to complete the installation process.
  6. You will get notified of the related message showing your installation process has been successfully made.
  7. You can now easily access the app in future with the help of the related icon available on your Home Screen.

Hope the above given steps will be useful for installing the application on your windows PC.

Installing TV Portal APK on iOS devices

You may be familiar to the fact that it is a wonderful app which enables you to watch various TV programs and movies on your android devices and PC as well. But the bad thing is that you can’t find access it on your iOS devices. If you are willing to enjoy accessing TV shows on your iOS devices; you have to access alternate apps.

Freedom APK Download For Android – No Root Access Required

There are many games and applications on Google PlayStore which make you drool but cost a high price. If you want these games for free, then you definitely need to download Freedom APK on your device. It is obviously a hacking tool which your device will use to get you games for free. The application does so by creating and using a false credit card for the purchase of premium applications and their features.

This false credit card used has no actual money but convinces the seller that real money is paid.

Freedom APK Download For Android & PC 2018 – Official Website

Features of Freedom APK

  • Start being able to purchase premium games and other applications free of cost.
  • The game upgrades which earlier required payment could now be accessed for free.
  • Other features of games like coins, etc , can also be purchased without payment of money.
  • Have full access to all the features of your favorite games.
  • Experience all this by downloading Freedom APK for free.


Details of Freedom APK for android

All android versions 2.3 and above are compatible with Freedom APK. The application is not available on Google PlayStore ( you can download it using the link given on the page below ).

Freedom APK

Freedom APK

The latest version of the application is 1.6.9g. However, if you have an old android device, then this version might not work for you. If this is the case, try downloading the earlier versions.

No root permissions are required for downloading Freedom APK on your android device.


How to download and use Freedom APK On Android Mobile Phone?

Step 1: Root your android device. For this, many applications are available like Root master, Root APK, iRoot, etc. These applications have made rooting process comparatively easier and less risky than manual rooting.

Step 2: After the rooting process has successfully been done, download Freedom APK from – official website.

Step 3: If you already have it downloaded on your computer, then you can transfer it to your android device using suitable sources.

Step 4: Enable installation from ‘unknown sources’ on your device by changing your Settings.

Step 5: Open the downloads folder of your device and click on the freedom apk to install the application.

Step 6: The installation of Freedom APK requires some permissions. So keep clicking on ‘ok’ for all the popups.

Step 7: Wait till the application gets successfully installed.

Step 8: Open the application once installed, and grant it the access to all root permissions.

Step 9: You will be redirected to a screen where all your installed apps will be displayed. From this list, select the application on which you want to make the app purchases.

Step 10: When the selected application opens, click on ‘Buy’ to get the application premium upgrades for free.


Some FAQs about Freedom APK For Android

Where can I download Freedom APK from?

Ans. Since the application is not available for download on PlayStore, you have to download it using your browser. A download link is also given above.

How does Freedom APK work?

Ans. Freedom APK works by effectively making use of a false credit card to make payments for applications which are not available for download for free.

What should I do if Freedom APK does not work on my phone?

Ans. Try downloading a lower version of the app. Also, make sure that your phone meets all the requirements of using Freedom APK.

What permissions are required for Freedom APK?

Ans. Internet access, Reboot device, read phone state, modify system settings, kill background tasks are some of the permissions required for downloading Freedom APK.

Root Master APK v3.0 Download For Android

What is Root Master APK?

Root Master APK is an app to root your android device. One unique feature of this app is that after rooting your device, you will be able to make use of all the extra features that your android device possesses.

This app will work on almost all the smartphones having android 1.3 or above. Root your device and have access to many third-party apps which was earlier not available to you.

Download Root Master APK v3.0 For Android (Latest version

What is android rooting?

The process by which the user of the android device gets root access to the device is known as rooting. After rooting your android device, you will be able to inspect and edit your android system files routinely. However, the process of rooting is pretty complex. Therefore, you should perform it with extreme caution and follow all the steps correctly.

Features of Root Master APK

Root Master APK

Root Master APK

  • Performance of the device gets faster after rooting
  • Functions as a hotspot controller
  • Comes with a noncomplex interface
  • Multiple screens and functions included
  • Can root the device without the need to install
  • Get an extended battery life of your android device
  • Get access to all the subsystems and extra features of your device
  • Un-root ability included
  • The latest version of the app is 3.0
  • Uninstall apps which could not be uninstalled earlier.

Why do you need Root Master APK on your phone?

The usual rooting process is very complicated and involves a high amount of risk for your device. Also, you need to have a computer access, along with some cables and software.

However, if you are using Root Master APK for rooting your device, all you need is your android device. Apart from this, you are also saved from all the mess and complications. As mentioned above, the app also comes with ‘unrooting’ feature. The new version of Root Master APK comes packed with a whole lot of new features. Also, very less mobile data will be utilized if you use this app.

So now you can root your device without any fuss, and enjoy all the features which were locked before rooting.

Read how to download Root Master Apk on Android?

  • Download root master apk from
  • If your android device does not have the third-party apps installed already, go to Settings and allow the installation of ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • After the app has installed on your device, open it and click on ‘start’
  • If your device fulfills the app requirements, you will proceed to the next step (If the device does not support the app, try installing a lower version)
  • A window will now be visible showing the ongoing rooting process.
  • After some time, a message of ‘successful rooting’ will be displayed on your screen.
  • Restart your device and have fun with all the new features!

How to unroot your device?

Root Master APK also comes with the features of unrooting. For doing this, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Play Store and download SuperSU app.
  • Install and launch the app.
  • Go to ‘settings’
  • Tap on the ‘full unroot’ option.
  • Wait for some time until your device unroots.


Points to know before rooting

  • Since the software warranty of your device will not remain valid after rooting, you can only claim for hardware related problems.
  • There is a possibility that your device gets bricked during the rooting process. Although the chances are very slim, in case of the device getting bricked, the responsibility is of the user.
  • If you decide to unroot your device any time after rooting, your software warranty can be reclaimed.


FAQs about Root Master

What version of android supports Root Master?

Ans. If you have android 1.5 or above, Root Master APK will function on your device.

What if my device does not support the app?

Ans. Try installing a lower version of the app, in this case.

Will my software warranty remain after rooting?

Ans. No, your software warranty will be lost after rooting the device. But if you unroot your device, the warranty can be claimed again.