Root Master APK v3.0 Download For Android

What is Root Master APK?

Root Master APK is an app to root your android device. One unique feature of this app is that after rooting your device, you will be able to make use of all the extra features that your android device possesses.

This app will work on almost all the smartphones having android 1.3 or above. Root your device and have access to many third-party apps which was earlier not available to you.

Download Root Master APK v3.0 For Android (Latest version

What is android rooting?

The process by which the user of the android device gets root access to the device is known as rooting. After rooting your android device, you will be able to inspect and edit your android system files routinely. However, the process of rooting is pretty complex. Therefore, you should perform it with extreme caution and follow all the steps correctly.

Features of Root Master APK

Root Master APK

Root Master APK

  • Performance of the device gets faster after rooting
  • Functions as a hotspot controller
  • Comes with a noncomplex interface
  • Multiple screens and functions included
  • Can root the device without the need to install
  • Get an extended battery life of your android device
  • Get access to all the subsystems and extra features of your device
  • Un-root ability included
  • The latest version of the app is 3.0
  • Uninstall apps which could not be uninstalled earlier.

Why do you need Root Master APK on your phone?

The usual rooting process is very complicated and involves a high amount of risk for your device. Also, you need to have a computer access, along with some cables and software.

However, if you are using Root Master APK for rooting your device, all you need is your android device. Apart from this, you are also saved from all the mess and complications. As mentioned above, the app also comes with ‘unrooting’ feature. The new version of Root Master APK comes packed with a whole lot of new features. Also, very less mobile data will be utilized if you use this app.

So now you can root your device without any fuss, and enjoy all the features which were locked before rooting.

Read how to download Root Master Apk on Android?

  • Download root master apk from
  • If your android device does not have the third-party apps installed already, go to Settings and allow the installation of ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • After the app has installed on your device, open it and click on ‘start’
  • If your device fulfills the app requirements, you will proceed to the next step (If the device does not support the app, try installing a lower version)
  • A window will now be visible showing the ongoing rooting process.
  • After some time, a message of ‘successful rooting’ will be displayed on your screen.
  • Restart your device and have fun with all the new features!

How to unroot your device?

Root Master APK also comes with the features of unrooting. For doing this, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Play Store and download SuperSU app.
  • Install and launch the app.
  • Go to ‘settings’
  • Tap on the ‘full unroot’ option.
  • Wait for some time until your device unroots.


Points to know before rooting

  • Since the software warranty of your device will not remain valid after rooting, you can only claim for hardware related problems.
  • There is a possibility that your device gets bricked during the rooting process. Although the chances are very slim, in case of the device getting bricked, the responsibility is of the user.
  • If you decide to unroot your device any time after rooting, your software warranty can be reclaimed.


FAQs about Root Master

What version of android supports Root Master?

Ans. If you have android 1.5 or above, Root Master APK will function on your device.

What if my device does not support the app?

Ans. Try installing a lower version of the app, in this case.

Will my software warranty remain after rooting?

Ans. No, your software warranty will be lost after rooting the device. But if you unroot your device, the warranty can be claimed again.